The thought of shopping and getting new things drives some of us crazy. Well, this is sure to happen because we all have natural desires for some or the other thing and our faces light up when we buy those things. 

 ”  After all shopping is all about our wishes turning true. 🙂  “

When we shop online, we choose a product after so much discussion with ourselves after all Shopping is never a easy task (at-least i felt so), and we finally place the order for the product that has appealed to our senses as well as our choices. Now the waiting period for the product to arrive starts , as it is very natural for all us to have a belly in our butterflies for new things. Amidst so much of excitement for buying new things we often ignore the essential things to check before shopping on a website and in some cases our carelessness account for our troubles.

To err is human and I am here to tell some of the things we must check before we shop from any websites.
1. Payment methods & Process

Yes this is the first criteria I see for, and suggest you all too. One should always check payment methods before shopping products or services online. Always check if your preferred payment options are available; it can be

  • Cash on Delivery (popular as COD)
  • Internet banking (check your bank if listed or not)
  • Debit or Credit card (check your bank if listed or not)
  • Payment Gateways (e.g paypal, paytm, freecharge)

Someone might be interested in using new generation payment platforms such as paytm and freecharge to use the balance that one might have in his or her account. Its important to check it in advance.
This will help you save your time and of-course the regret that you may feel later if you really liked specific product or service and the expected payment method is not available. It happened with me; and trust me that’s the most unfortunate feeling  🙁 

Select your store here and check they payment methods in just one click

2. Policies, Terms & Conditions

Buying a product might be easy but getting it delivered on time – at right place – in correct condition can be a challenging. Not only this but few more challenges may arrive at certain cases. Its my advice to always check few important information such as

  • Delivery locations & process,
  • Delivery charges & time
  • Returns, Replacement or Refund
  • Hidden or Cancellation charges

Try ShoppingNU, this website is trying to aggregate all such information in one place.

3. Customer & User, Reviews & Ratings

I always take suggestion from the people I trust around me and sometime event the domain experts.
Why not take this suggestion before purchasing a product or service online? Yes! Its important to check the reviews on stores, their products & services, customer experiences just in case you don’t want want to take a may be risk of something undesirable.

  • User & customer reviews
  • Store ratings
  • ShoppingNU Ranking
  • NU Experts View

ShoppingNU has a huge list of online stores for which online buyers & users has shared there personal experiences & views. Check the reviews for all these store and shares yours too. Not only to buyers, but the Customer feedback is very important for business owners as it provides them with insight that they can use to improve their business, products and/or overall customer experience. Help us in making online shopping a better place.
Now that we understand how important reviews are for you; the same way your reviews are equally important for other customers and users. Share genuine feedback always – Start now (select your store and share the feedback)

4. Buying Guides

Experts resides across globe, each have their own experiences and technical views on How, What, Why, Where
Before buying a product or service a small research on the product might take some time but will surely help you get the best deal. Buying guides usually help you answer below questions-

  • Where can I buy similar product at better price?
  • Are there any other product that might be more sound & useful?
  • What is good, better or suits to my requirement?
  • How can I avoid any risk on online purchase of it?
  • Should I buy it online or offline?

Let me tell you how – “For instance if you want to buy a Smartphone and you find the task a bit complex , quickly go for the search engine and search, may be “Best smartphone with 20 megapixel camera in India?” And your work is made easier . 

ShoppingNU is soon going to launch their own buying guides that will be all coming from stores, experts, influencers, researchers & more. Subscribe at ShoppingNU for regular updates

5. Deals & Offers

Last but absolutely never the least in-fact very important. Before you shop on a particular website do check for the deals and offers. As the happiness derived is priceless when we buy things under an offer section. And it is a fact that these deals and offers are regular part of the shopping sites and have added limelight to the plethora of online shopping.

Best part in Online shopping is you never have to negotiate with sellers and
even no one is watching you searching those high end discount offers at ShoppingNU

ShoppingNU has below offer types

  • Buy & Get Offers
  • Cashback Offers
  • Discount Offers
  • Offers on New Registrations
  • Refer & Earn offers
  • Offers on Events (surveys, competitions etc)

These were the list of things or say essentials we all should check before shopping from any online site. And why hesitate from 5 minutes of research when it can provide you with so much more than you actually are expecting. Also, its always better to have a informed opinion about the site you are going to shop so that you don’t have regrets later and you could enjoy your shopping.

Please share your views – and more tips if something missing

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