“A celebrity’s body is an advertiser’s canvas.”

Celebrity Endorsements, though not a totally new idea of the town, is one of the most highly lucrative business ideas. It just takes one glance of a famed face to gravitate towards something you didn’t notice existed in the first place. One glance can grab eyeballs. This is one of the finest marketing strategy that escalated real quick. And while the brands proffer their ideas seeking help of big names, celebrity endorsement’s ever changing dynamics always have some new insights to offer.

1. Consumer Confidence

Turns out your favorite artiste endorsing for a particular brand transforms it into larger than life picture. Market Analysts have pointed out how the sale for a particular brand shoots up the sales. Aptly the popularity is directly proportional to the hike in purchases. The simple science backing the reports is the crowd psychology. Here affinity for the mascots breeds profits and in the long run masses vote the product simpatico. The brand ambassador accurately appeals to the targeted generation. While this is a strategy for the marketing analysts, we stayed glued to our sets for what’s next.
Following Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s Make in India Campaign, Indian consumers are gradually drifting towards Indian made products. Needless to say we now know how Patanjali Products are churning hefty profits and advocating nativism.

2. Elevates A Withering Brand

Although this one is for the brands,it somehow breathes life into any brand that’s slowly decaying away. The ambassador’s popularity is what one can call, works as pixie dust, driving the brand from zero to one. This restores faith in the masses which in turn spells hike in sales.
This also means a petty controversy in an artiste’s life can mark the doom for the brand.
Cadbury Oreo invited Actor Ranbir Kapoor on the board as the brand ambassador. This decision marked the sales spike drastically since it contained an emotional connect with the younger demographic adding to the temptation for everybody’s sweeth tooth craving.
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3. Face For The Newbie:

Launching a product in a totally unprecedented market encounters many challenges. The trick is to be strikingly eye catching. Brands gain massively through the fame of big names. The launch of One Plus 3T mobile phones is currently the talk of the town, thanks to the floating news about one of India’s much loved artiste endorsing it.
Amitabh Bachchan is currently the brand ambassador for One Plus 3T.

4. Taps The New markets

Craves a niche in the hearts of the new target audience. This is one of the key factors that keeps the masses and brand

In this video Actor Ranveer Singh is famous for his inimitable charm and makes audiences from all demographics go gaga about him. You can say it’s his aura that spells a remunerative business for the brands he signs up with.

bonded.Adding to this, it updates and vocalizes the audience about what’s in vogue and what’s in store for them. People generally love to check about the latest fads and that adds the cream to the pie.

Loss of Credibility

Needless to say, often brands fail to match our expectations. The product you just purchased following a mesmerizing advertorial turned out to be just hunky dory. Their assurances deviated from the truth, our faith fizzled out. Brands that fail to deliver people’s expectation also tarnish the brand ambassador’s image. For a harmonious consumer-market relation trust stands as the main cornerstone. Once tarnished, it would take the brand humungous effort, researches, strategies, insights and undoubtedly total financial reconstruction to build the same congruous tie again.
No doubt when we say, a brand is for the company what reputation is for a man.

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Overshadows The Brand Image

The popular the mascot the heavier the profits. Its the common notion we share that ambassadors are what make the brand grander. However, what reaches to the end consumer is the product it has to offer. If a stellar artiste promoting your brand is a great idea, chances are his popularity can outdo the brand’s iconic representation too. Some ideas don’t always turn out as planned,eh?

Tarnishes The Brand Image

Like above, the ambassador’s portfolio is linked to the brand’s future. Any controversy relating the ambassador leading to public outrage will ultimately spell the doom of the high held image of the brand. We may not see, but all the strings are somehow connected end-to-end.

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Why Actor Amir Khan is longer the Incredible India mascot following his controversial statements on intolerance.


An illustration by AdEx India depicting how celebrities dominate the advertising market

The endorsement factor of a brand is dominated by Television artistes,Bollywood stars or top-notch sports players majorly. While there are plentiful perks to savour, some cons do manage to severe the tie. Undoubtedly,the consumer-market relation is on inevitable tie to last the test of time. But how long do the masses celebrate a celebrious presence shall remain unconfirmed.

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