“Take a risk and keep testing, because what works today won’t work tomorrow, but what worked yesterday may work again.”


Facebook & ShoppingNU are two most efficient way to reach users for free. In both the case registration, posting, approval takes very less time. The best part is both offers many FREE features and can be called as marketing in #2Minutes

In ShoppingNU there is lot to do. For example-

1. List your categories with title, description & URL. Select from 100+ categories such as Women Clothes, Bus Ticket, Food delivery etc.
2. Unlike most of the coupon websites; you may list and share coupons, cashback, discounts, refer & earn etc. Yes its free*
3. You may also promote your social business profiles such as Facebook, Linkedin, Instagram, Youtube, Google+ etc. and get more followers
4. Oh! Your business has mobile application, no problem list your android, ios and or windows app link here and get more downloads

Isn’t that amazing? There are many more free features you may find at ShoppingNU AdPortal

Marketing through yahoo, google, bing and other such search engines may be “EXPENSIVE if PAID” and “TIME-CONSUMING if FREE”. But, you should also include this in your marketing activities.
Cheers! Happy Marketing

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