Getting Into The Social Swing


Do you want to be a website that customers are crazy about?
Do you want to build a humane connection with all your customers??
Do you want your products to be shared, hash tagged and blogged about by the twitteratii???

Ah!! You got to be social. The average person will spend more than five years of their lives on social media, according to a study by influencer marketing agency Mediakix. So, it does not leave any choice for you, does it??

“We do not have a choice of whether we DO social media, the question is how well we DO it.” – Erik Qualman

And who better than online stores can fervently use social media to maximize their customer base, create brand awareness and promote themselves to a much wider audience. Social media advertising spends is projected to reach nearly $36 billion globally in 2017.
Marketing and promoting your brand is not just about the stuff you make but more about the stories you tell. In this era, social media is not merely a subset of Internet, it is the internet. There are roughly 2.34 billion social network users around the world—a third of the global population.

Some Social Media Metrics
  • 74% shoppers Rely on Social Media to get more information or reviews about the products they want to buy.
  • 71% shoppers improve the perception of the brands when they see a positive response to a review on social networks.
  • 75% Twitter users makes at least one purchase per month, which is higher than the 67% of internet users overall.
  • 73% of Instagram’s half a billion monthly active users are between the ages of 15 – 35, making it the perfect choice for businesses whose target audiences skew younger.
  • A study analyzed 51 million pieces of social media content from 40,000 brands on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Instagram and found that the engagement ratio for businesses is 10 times higher on Instagram than on Facebook (and dramatically higher than LinkedIn or Twitter). Time to update the link in your bio!!

  • Top 5 brands on Instagram are Nike, Starbucks, NBA, Adidas Originals & TopShop.
  • 8% of brands are currently on Instagram, by 2017 it is expected to touch 70.7%
  • L’Oreal encourages its staff to use the hashtag #lifeatloreal to showcase the culture of the organization.
How to get into the Social Swing

How to get into the Social Swing

  • Post in the photos, videos of delighted customers flaunting your products. The twinkle in their eyes and the smile on their face is better than any other advertisement that you will post. The honest reviews of your store and products instills a sense of trust and confidence in customers for your store. It also increases trials vociferously for first time buyers.
  • Engage customers. Make them feel a part of your store. Get customer feedback as to which product review they would want to peek into in the editorial for the next week. Organize contests for themes, web designing of your website, etc. This will further increase brand awareness.
    This one is very important. Most often owners click a picture and post it on various social media platforms. Wait! Wait! Wait! did you link the pictures shared on various media to the product page on your website. Did you provide the link to your website in the comments below? Do it ASAP.
  • Make creative ads and promote your campaign using digital marketing tools on various platforms. The advertisements grab customer attention towards your store.
  • Do not shy away from replying to customer comments, queries and reviews on your various posts. Engage! Enlighten! Encourage!
Be Social – be something more than the Media

Many stores have already realized how beneficial and impactful advertising can be when a company has an admirable mission. Companies that incorporate social responsibility into their business model know that a dedication to these initiatives goes a long way, both for the cause and their reputation.But, is being social only about social media? Of course, social media is irreplaceable but being social includes something more. Social means “relating to society” and thus includes social responsibilities towards wellness of the society. What more than a humane connection and flowing emotions can connect to the customers?? In the modern business world, providing an excellent product and shopping experience will only get you so far. If you really want your customers to keep coming back, you need to let them know that their money will be doing some good.

How Being Socially Responsible help
  • Customers are becoming increasingly aware about local, national and global issues, and there is no denying that their buying decisions are now being greatly influenced by these issues. A research says, they tend to buy more from companies that show their concern and their action over issues that also resonate greatly with the customers.
  • In fact, 45% of consumers demonstrate this willingness, not even minding that they should pay more, if it is with a company that they trust due, in large part, to their social responsibility measures.
  • Social responsibility definitely helps in boosting the morale of employees; this, in turn, does wonders in increasing their productivity. It is true what they say: happy employees are productive employees.
  • If you notice, companies with good social responsibility policies get more and better media coverage, so that is already one way to advertise their company. Getting good press through doing good works is considered by businesses to be one of the best ways to advertise the company.
Do magnificent work for good people 
  • Use recycled materials, eco-friendly inks and biodegradable packaging for your products. It may add a little to your expenses but will ensure you a good reputation and customer trust.
  • When people shop at your online stores, provide provisions so that they can earn cash back that can be donated in varying amounts to the cause of their choice. With many causes to support and major retailers in categories such as apparel, electronics, beauty and entertainment, there can be a partner store and cause for every consumer.
  • You can make a portion of all sales go to your company’s nonprofit arm, which might further provide services and monetary donations to selected charities.
  • Gift of happiness is a common approach nowadays. Go a further ahead. Provide every charity with a “progress bar,” on your webpage and let customers see how much closer their favorite causes are to reaching their funding goals.
Cause Marketing: Combining Social and Social

Cause marketing is based on a dual interest – making a profit and making a social contribution. The best example for this: “Tyson connected with the Social Media Club and began a string of extraordinarily smart and effective efforts to enlist the community. For example, it launched a campaign in Austin in which it agreed to donate 100 pounds of chicken to the Capital Area Food Bank of Texas for every comment posted on its blog. “

The social media pages are the perfect avenues to share the company’s CSR stories. That way, even if the media is not able to cover it, there is still an effective way to let the public know about the company’s social responsibility efforts.
They key word here is “active”. The company should actively use social media in order to increase awareness about the company’s social responsibility activities and, at the same time, increase brand equity.Create awareness among the readers about various social issues that may be as complex as homosexuality or as simple as safe drinking.

The key is to listen, engage and build relationships. Be social, be responsible, be everything you want to be known for!

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