Endorsements: Indian Top Celebrities & Leading Internet Brands

When Shah Rukh Khan first came on our Television screens to endorse YEPME , we all were tempted to check the products at YEPME and we do so instantly by checked it out on our smart phones because we have a thought if S.R.K is endorsing it the site must be pretty cool.

A simple Retail chain becomes a huge brand once a celebrity starts to endorse it. No doubt, that online shopping and our celebrities have a torrid relationship. Roping in celebrities as brand ambassadors not only increases the brand value of the shopping site but also makes it more luring because of the huge fan following of these celebrities.
ShoppingNU is helping its users to understand the connections between Celebrity and Brands. 

Celebrity branding has a history of always turning beneficial to the company or the chain which they are endorsing. There are very few professions on this planet that are really admired. One such is being an Actor and the other is Sports Persons. At least in India this fact can never be denied. The online giants have realized this fact and that’s the reason like other retail chains they are pulling in actors, sports stars as brand ambassadors. As we all know Alia Bhatt & Ranveer Singh team up for MakeMyTrip and making a real noice. For the viewers who dont know this must be shocking; It is claimed that with advertising and promotion budget of Rs 75 crore, ‘Ranveer Ching Returns’ has turned out to be a mighty expensive film.
Consumers today draw their sense of style and fashion from celebrities because there is a certain value or say sentiments attached to these celebrities.

Why only Celebrities for Endorsement?

This is a very common question that arrives in our mind. The precise answer would be nobody else except a personality who is immensely celebrated, cherished and recognized can do the job of endorsing a product.
A celebrity (be it from any domain) has a potential of reaching the hearts of people just through one ad that we see on our T.V screens or any other available medium i.e. Internet, Newspapers, Radio, Banners, & more. It is often believed in India that a brand will shoot up in terms of revenue if S.R.K endorses it. Well, it is not just a belief, it is a fact. Various statistics have shown the increase in profits of brands after these labels were endorsed by proclaimed stars.

Role of Celebrities in Internet Business

Till now, we are very much clear about how online sites rope in celebrities for endorsements or why they do so. The question of the hour is apart from endorsing online shopping sites what else role can a celebrity play in the world of online shopping.
The main goal is definitely to promote the brand & or the products; but side by side some online businesses have set a very welcoming example of promoting a social cause, be it any. As people blindly (in most cases) follow these celebrities, so why shall we not turn this into an opportunity to promote social causes with the promotion of sites. This way it will lead to two things done at a single point of time. Attaining a high score on the ground of corporate social responsibility definitely results in a win-win situation for the e-commerce businesses.

Something for our Older Generation

As per statistics and personal observations, online shopping sites and mobile apps are mostly used by youngsters and hence they rope in stars that are quite young or ones who have mass appeal among youngsters. What is often forgotten is efforts for the old age or less tech savvy generation who are just trying their fingers on the touch pads of their new smart phones. Very few e-commerce site has made such kind of effort to lure this generation of our times, which is quite disheartening 😥 .
What needs to be done is, some old celebrities like Yester year stars must be roped in to promote these sites which will definitely lead to an increase in graph of old-age people buying things online. Actually online shopping is quite more suitable for old age people. Sitting at home their shopping work can be made a lot easier. If online sites are successful in luring the older generation it can save them from the pain of standing in long queues of Billing Counters. Online shopping sites should take a step in this very direction.

Sometimes ‘Brands Remains Forever’

Celebrities tempt us to buy things, no matter which product or brand they are endorsing. Hence, Online shopping sites should expand the system of celebrity endorsements in order to benefit themselves in terms of revenues and also it will create a more reliable image of that very site. A brand remains even after the celebrity stops endorsing it and you will find people even after many years remembering that very brand because of a particular star who endorsed it at one point of time which might be many years back.

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