Affordable Handmade Accessories & Gifts for Most Beloved Person you have

 Handcrafted love for all.

Some occasions spell out to be more than just special. Some relationships in our lives mean a little more than everything for us. It’s for such times when love beckons that the token demands to be a little more than special,a little too precious to go down the memory lanes.
When you can choose from a plethora of different stuffs to gifts, handmade or personalised gifts are the talk of the town. Not only are these gifts exuding more warmth, they are tying the bonds a bit tighter.

Reasons to shop for handmade gifts:

  • Trendy and unique.
  • Uplifting  local artisans and curating local artistry.
  • Customization as per your choice and likes! Also, such gifts add a value for money.
  • Eco-friendly.

Websites to look for distinct handmade gifts
Indian Crafts will take you by awe with its variety of handmade and classic Indian designs in its products. The hub of corporate gifts, you can avail fully customized gifts here from a wide range of handcrafted products.

FILTERS: Home Decor, Utility, Marble products, wooden products, Pooja accessories, price filters.
UNIQUE: Corporate gift items, value for money goods.

Price: INR 153.
Description: Handmade wooden coaster with beautiful gemstone painting. Added Indian Crafts can customize the gift as per the customer’s will.

Find Indian Crafts alluring? Check out the best of handcrafted products now.

CRAFTSSHOPSINDIA.COM is the perfect place to dig for doozy and beautiful handicraft items. You can also place bulk orders for the products. Traditional designs are the glint on these beautiful items!

FILTERS: Ecofriendly products, terracotta products, wooden items, marble & metal products, fiber collections, apparels, accessories, home-office furnishing, et al.
UNIQUE: Fiber and Terracotta collections, Gifts on the basis of offers(Lucky customers).

Sneak Peek: Decor basket using candy wrappers.
Price: INR 1030.40.
Description: Make an interesting twist to your home decor with these red and green colored recycled candy wrappers from the house of Anasa Decor.This high quality item is made up of superfine material which adds durability factor to it. Simple yet elegant, this item will perfectly blend with a contemporary interior.
Features: Height–6 inch. Width-6 inch. Length-6 inch. Weight-1216 gm. seems interesting? Check out now!

With all honesty, Crafts And Looms are redefining what beauty feels like!  With the Indian Ethnicity evitably  shining in every of its products, Crafts and Looms is a the perfect place to hunt for gifts.

FILTERS:  Papier Mache Crafts, Jute,cane,bamboo, Sikki grass craft, Bidri Craft,  Brass Craft.
UNIQUE: Handlooms, Papier Mache Crafts.

Sneak Peek: 
Papier Mache Key, Newspaper holder.
Price: INR 550.
Description: Hand painted with tribal designs and jute weavings, this is perfect home decor and hence a perfect gift.
For a briefer glimpse into Crafts and Loom collections, click here!

For a briefer glimpse into Crafts and Loom collections, click here!

Cards are the immortal expressions of love and affection. And with Quilling treasures you can strengthen the bonds with these cards.

FILTERS: Gifts, Toys, Art and craft  materials, customized gifts, card designs
UNIQUE: Customized gifts.

Sneak Peek:
All Blues Greeting Card
Price: INR 279
Description: With adorable blue flowers, this card makes for a perfect handmade gift be it any occasion! From birthdays to weddings to complimentary parties, this card would befit every single event. 

Check out more from Quelling Treasures collections!

Craft Furnish brings to us the most exquisite handicraft items. Branded as ethnic and being thoroughly chic, these items don’t fail to baffle you! One look and you shall fall for their special home decor collections.

FILTERS: Gifts for all demographics, Brass/ terra cotta/ antique handicrafts, Blue pottery and ceramic, Dhokra art, Knit and crochets, By price range et al.
UNIQUE: Antique handicrafts, Pottery, Dokra art.

Sneak Peek:
Price: INR 2749
Description: This handmade exquisite terracotta name plate adds to the pride of own your own house. You can customize any item as per your choice. With this you are helping the local artisans to keep up the legacy of art! Relish the joy of gifting!

Get Into the “Craft Furnish” world Now!

Lokalart is a platform to discover and share various authentic,austere and antique artforms. Lokalart reaches out to various local artisans and brings to us the essence of India. These gifts not just help strengthen bonds, they breathe fire for the local artisans,artists and the Indian traditional artforms.

FILTERS: Buddha Statues, Custom guest books, journals, albums, sculptures, gift boxes, et al.
UNIQUE: Gift Boxes, Custom journals/ albums.

Sneak Peek:
Price: INR 499
Description: This handcrafted box is highlighted with colorful meenakari work and the inside of the box is covered with fine quality blood red color velvet cloth.
Meenakari is the art of coloring and ornamenting the surface of metals by fusing over it brilliant colors that are decorated in an intricate design. This is a perfect gift for the woman in your life.

Surf through Lokalart’s cool collections


Have you been hunting for adorable gifts to present to the sweetest people of your lives. Then eBAY has the right gifts for you.

UNIQUE: Explosion Boxes.

Sneak Peek:
Explosion Box
Price: As per the product.
Description: Explosion boxes are an ingenious concept of gifting a card in the shape of box. It allows you to literally unbox happiness! You can stuff old pictures, keepsakes, chocolates or a ring to add to the surprises!

Dive into a plethora of Explosion boxes by eBAY!

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