The a la mode Zeitgeist.

Whatever you do,wherever you go your shoes share a good part of your story with you. And with a la mode Zeitgeist we are trying to to define the in vogue characteristic this generation is indulging in. And the female soul always has a tryst  with the things she owns. Your footwear always have a tale to offer; the giggles you shared , the deal you signed. And with changing times, here’s a sneak peek about the latest fashion fads.

1. Pinterest

And if you are one of those who wonders how fast the earth spins and the how quick the latest fashions breezes past, you can always choose to surf down a catalog of ideas. From those running sneakers to the summer sandals, one can find all the latest fashion out on Pinterest. You can scroll down through the high street fashion, learn more about a particular footwear and connect to the manufacturer. Although one cannot escape the temptations, indulging in these comfy sins isn’t even a bad idea!
Why Try: In vogue fashion ideas.
Click here to view the collection

2. Fashos

Fashos is the hub for online shoe shopping in India. From footgear to stiletto, from black to vibgyor, you name it Fashos has it. For your quirks and twerks, everything that adds up to the smiles, Fashos offers a great variety palette to choose from.
Why Try: New to market ideas, Reasonable Prices, Exclusive Offers, Discounts, Variety palette.
What’s Unique: Lucky Size.(Lucky size is about the offers for a particular size on a particular day)
Click here to view the collection

3. LimeRoad

As catchy as the name goes, LimeRoad has some real high street fashion just a click away. From the cute loafers and ballerinas to the strikingingly elegant gladiators. LimeRoad is the perfect road for the fashionista in you. Shoes that reflect your personality to the ones that amp up the persona, one can find everything on display.
Why try: Reasonable prices, tempting offers, a la mode ideas, multiple filters.
What’s Unique: In vogue collection – My Personal Favorite 

4. Ajio

Sport and spice is something the YOLO girls believe in. And Ajio’s tagline justifies the current female zeitgeist :”Athleisure gone retro chic.” For the trendy superwoman in you Ajio is the go to shopping hub. With With platforms dominating the real world, this virtual market has the best of it offer.
You can choose from the laced leather platform to fabric wedges,anything that elevates the confidence is a must-have.
Why Try: Reasonable prices, Exclusive offers, Discount, Latest fashions.
What’s different: Ingenious refine options. Try Now

5. Jabong

For the woman who never stays back on the couch. The one who who plans those evening outings. The one who worships her gym routines, Jabong has the best sneaker varieties. From austere pink to the trending white sneakers Jabong offers the best for the ‘never- say-die’ girls. And while you can slip one for parties, concerts, gyms; sneakers can be rated the best choice for the Loki in you. With myriad designs and vibrant colors, Jabong is emerging as one of the favorite online shopping hubs in India.
Why Try: Reasonable prices. The girl-next-door fashions tastes, Exclusive offers, discounts,
What’s Different: Shoe weight category. Jabong Special

6. NewChic

If you haven’t yet heard about this one, chances are you might be from the Stone Age. New chic is the upbeat lady’s fantasy land. One look into the online shopping site and you shall be delving deeper and deeper. Newchic has the latest offbeat fashion tastes to offer with collection thoroughly unprecedented. With some unique collections like breathable hollows to vintage flats, you will find some really amusing footwear up for grabs.
Why Try: Exclusive offers, Discounts, Reasonable prices(though bit pricey for the average Indian woman, the price range can be adjusted as per choice)
What’s unique: Latest Fashion.
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7. Voonik

Voonik knows yours deepest desires. You name it and Voonik has it. From austere to elegant collection, Voonik offers a taste to glam up your everyday. The star attraction being its stilettos and heels collection,for the woman who hustles by the day and parties out at night Voonik offers the best of stilletos to try.
Why Try: Tailor-made for Indian markets, What’s unique: Personalized options.
What’s Unique: Strikingly new fashion. Website

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8. Amazon

While Amazon has everything in store, these emoji slippers shall baffle the kid in you totally. With cuteness quotient 101, these are the best way to sink in and retire for the day. You can also check out the carpet slippers and more options in emojis. Though maybe your favorite emoticons haven’t made it yet to the market,these are sure to make you overwhelmed.
Why Try: Reasonable prices, Exclusive offers, Discounts.
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The Last Note:
As street shopping goes obsolete for the Indian women, given the hectic schedule we can wave out at faces,online shopping is the last and the latest respite.With in vogue fashion styles,there’s no room for outdated choices. Here’s to all the ladies,keep your chin high and heels higher. Happy shopping to you.

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