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Frequently Asked Questions

ZopWallet is ZopNow’s answer to all your payment hassles. Just add money once to your ZopWallet by visiting this page. Once the money is added, it will convert into zoppies that can be used by you to pay for your future orders – without having to remember credit/debit card or netbanking details every time you want to shop on ZopNow.
All orders can be can be cancelled or rescheduled at any point in time before picking of the order from My Orders Page. All Items bought on ZopNow.com, except perishables, can be returned at any point of time within 15 days of purchase.

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All orders for Rs. 1000 and above are eligible for FREE shipping. For orders below Rs. 1000, a standard shipping charge of Rs. 30 will be applicable. You can avoid shipping charges on all orders that you place without any restriction on order value, if you qualify for 'Unlimited Free Shipping' in any month.

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A customer can get a refund in terms of our loyalty points (zoppies). Alternatively, if the payment has been made online, one can get an online refund. Online refund typically takes around 5-7 business days to reflect in your account

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